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Хранилка за катерици
Къща за таралежи
Къща за таралежи
Eco-orientated products aimed at protecting and caring for wild biodiversity: Hedgehog Houses, Bat Houses and Squirrel Feeders.

The top-quality environmentally friendly raw materials are harmless to the animals and the environment. The models are tailored to distinct species and provide comfort and protection from the elements.

Then Hedgehog House has two separate rooms and a removable insulated roof. It is placed directly on the ground in order to provide free access for the animals.

The Bat House is a simple robust construction providing protection and thermal insulation for the bats. They are suitable for mounting on high surfaces such as building facades and tree trunks.

The Squirrel Feederallows the squirrels to actively use their front limbs in reaching their food. The design is with a cover under which the seeds and nuts are stored. The squirrels have free access to the feeders but access is prevented for the other forest dwellers.