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Terms and Conditions for Delivery and Payment

Terms and Conditions for Delivery and Payment (valid since: October 22, 2003)

The following terms and conditions for delivery and payment shall govern all deliveries and services. Any conflicting purchasing terms and conditions of the Customer are hereby expressly rejected. Any such purchasing terms and conditions shall apply only if we expressly confirm them in writing. Acceptance of the delivered goods shall be deemed acknowledgement of our terms and conditions.

1. Prices/Terms and Conditions of Payment
1.1 We calculate the applicable prices on the date of delivery, such prices being in EURO (EUR) unless otherwise stipulated, plus an additional amount for VAT as applicable from time to time. Unless special terms are agreed, the prices should be understood to be prices ex works, with no deduction or discount being granted for immediate payment.
1.2 If payment deadlines are not met, this will automatically give rise to all of the statutory consequences of default, without any special reminder being required. In particular, we reserve the right to charge interest at the applicable rate charged by our bank if such interest exceeds the interest rate prescribed by statute (8% above the reference interest rate). Furthermore, the entire balance shall become due and payable immediately, irrespective of any payment targets.
1.3 In the case of custom-made products, we reserve the right to increase the price by a reasonable amount and to deviate to a reasonable extent from the agreed quantity. The Customer must take delivery of surplus quantities. In respect of pressed pieces (Preßlinge) and glass feed-through headers (Glasdurchführungen), a variation of +/-10% in relation to the ordered quantity shall be deemed agreed.

2. Delivery Dates
We will endeavour to adhere to stipulated delivery deadlines. However, due to the hazards and peculiar features of glass processing, delivery deadlines will not be binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. Our contractual obligations are subject to our supplier delivering the correct products to us on time.